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These are just a few of the services we provide our family of cleints

Designing your image


RangerTek can help you create the look you want for your business. Whether you want to drive business to you or if you are looking to track who is looking for you we have the skills to make you look great.  



Virtual I.T. Manager / CIO / CTO

Remote Network Management

Application Development

Network Security

Backup and Recovery


Managed Web Services / Website

Remote Desktop Support

Server Virtualization

Voice Over Internet Protocol / VOIP

Information Security

Mobile Connectivity / Virtual Office

Standby Server

Virus Protection

Standby Desktop

Internet and Telecom Management

Training for Office and Applications

Serving Your Network


RangerTek has the skills it take to care of your network. Whether it's data protection, network administration, virus protection & mitigation, remote computing or all of these together. We have what it takes to lead you to success.

Ranger Remote


RangerTek Remote Service allows you to contact us when you need help and have someone there remotely; immediately to help. It also allows you a more effective use of your computer support dollar.  Call us today to have us do a remote evaluation of your computer and even your network. We can have your small company running like the big boys in no time

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